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Improve your employee's health and your bottom line!

The CareXpress CARES Medical Discount Program for Business – brought to you by CareXpress Urgent Care and FMC Health – is a monthly membership that provides your employees access to comprehensive healthcare at an affordable price. Designed to enhance employer benefits, CareXpress CARES enables your employees to address non-life-threatening and routine medical issues quickly and conveniently.

A simple, affordable medical discount program designed to help you and your employees save money.





Whether or not your company offers insurance, CareXpress CARES can help your employees and their family members receive affordable treatment. With average annual deductibles for single coverage as high as $2,825, employees may avoid seeking treatment, which can cost your business time and money.

Everyone Benefits with CareXpress CARES

  • Promote health and wellness with access to high-quality care

  • Improve attendance rates

    • Absenteeism can cost more than $3,600 per employee each year*​

  • Reduce costly ER visits

What's Included?

Each visit includes all professional services provided by BSA CareXpress Urgent Care providers for both acute and preventative care exams. In-house labs and tests, injectable treatments, x-rays, and EKGs are all included.

What's Not Included?

Treatment of work-related injuries and motor vehicle accident injuries are not included in the program's discounted fee. In addition, membership does not provide a discount for durable medical equipment (crutches, splints, etc.) that may be received, or services that are performed by third parties, including but not limited to imaging services, laboratory services, prescription medicines, and vaccines

How Does it Work?

Your company prepays the first month for each employee/family member enrolled in the program and you are billed monthly for each member thereafter. The employee/family member is charged a $39 fee each time they visit one of our clinics. Your company will have the ability to add or remove members on a monthly basis. A census showing all covered members and payment are due by the 10th of each month. Membership in the program can be canceled at any time.

Five Convenient Locations in Amarillo and Canyon

Our healthcare teams and board-certified practitioners will provide you, your employees, and their families with the highest quality healthcare available in Amarillo and Canyon.

No appointment is needed, CareXpress Anywhere is available 24 hours a day.

Walk-ins are always welcome at CareXpress, and with extended hours in the evening and on weekends, we are sure to be there when you need us, just like family. We are also offering the telemedicine service, CareXpress Anywhere, a virtual clinic that you can access from your home or office, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Cost/Savings Calculator

The average annual premium cost for a single employee in an employer-sponsored health plan is just over $3,500. So, how much could CareXpress CARES save you? 

How many individuals will be enrolled?


With 10 individuals enrolled, your company would save $2526.70 each month^!


Please review the CareXpress CARES Medical Discount Program Details & Limitations and Dispute Resolution Policy.


If you need further information or assistance, you can complete our online Contact Form, or you can call our central billing office at (806) 358-9400

Services are available as medically appropriate and determined by the provider. All medical procedures are billed separately. Payment in full is due at the time of service. Additional charges may apply due to unforeseen circumstances or complex procedures. 

^Based on $3,500 average annual employer-sponsored plan premium

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