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Occupational Medicine from CareXpress

Now Offering
Physical Capacity Profile Testing!

What is Occupational Medicine?


Our goal is to support employers in maintaining a healthy, safe workforce while reducing the overall cost of health care for your company and your employees. CareXpress OccMed provides commercial drivers with fast and convenient DOT exams by our NRCME certified providers, as well as DOT drug screenings.

OccMed services are currently available at three locations:

CareXpress Urgent Care Canyon

CareXpress Urgent Care on Georgia

CareXpress Urgent Care on Ross-Osage

CareXpress Urgent Care Summit

OccMed Services

  • All types of Physicals: DOT & Non-DOT

  • Drug Screening: Urine & Hair

  • Firefighter Physicals

  • Breath Alcohol Test

  • Blood Draws

  • Injections

  • Work-related injury care

  • Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)

  • Respiratory Fit Testing

  • Audio Testing (Ross/Osage only)

  • Physical Capacity Profile (Ross/Osage only)

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OccMed Canyon

911 23rd Street, Canyon

(806) 655-2104

OccMed Ross-Osage

2329 Ross-Osage, Amarillo

(806) 350-5790

OccMed Georgia

2701 S Georgia, Amarillo
(806) 350-8980

OccMed Summit

7304 SW 34th, Amarillo

(806) 350-3010

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