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Flu Activity on the Increase in Our Area

CareXpress Urgent Care has noticed a spike in flu cases at all locations across Amarillo and Canyon.

“We were seeing one to two cases a week, and now we are seeing four or five cases a day,” said Dr. Anastacia J. Nix at CareXpress.

Every year, health care providers encourage patients to get the flu vaccine and want to remind people it is not too late.

“If you haven’t gotten your flu shot, and think it’s too late…it’s not,” said Nix. All CareXpress Urgent Care locations still have plenty of the flu vaccine.

CareXpress providers would also like to remind people that simply practicing good hygiene helps prevent the spread of the flu. Those tips include washing your hands often, covering your mouth when you cough, disinfecting your home and workspace, getting enough rest, and getting a flu shot. All of these simple steps can help you stay clear of this nasty virus.

“Frequent handwashing is an absolute must,” explained Dr. Nix. “Don’t forget to make sure your children are washing their hands, too.”

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than 30,000 deaths related to the flu over the past year. To date in Texas, there have been two pediatric deaths from the flu.

“With our new, hyper-accurate rapid flu test we can make sure you receive the proper treatment and avoid prescribing unnecessary medications,” said Trevor Spradling, Vice President of Operations.

Anyone experiencing a fever along with a sore throat or consistent cough and any type of body aches is urged to seek treatment as soon as possible.

“We have five locations throughout Amarillo and Canyon and are always here when you need us,” Spradling added.

No appointment is necessary and patients can check-in online at to reduce wait times.

People can go to any of the following CareXpress locations to get a flu shot: 2701 South Georgia, 34th and Coulter, 1400 S. Van Buren St., 2329 Ross Osage Dr., or 911 23rd Street in Canyon.

family at home with flu
At Home with the Flu


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