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TeleMedicine is virtual, on-demand urgent care from the comfort of home!


TELEMEDICINE visits from CareXpress Urgent Care are in-depth healthcare visits with board-certified providers that allow you to receive the same level of care that you get when you visit any of our medical facilities from the comfort of you own home, or wherever you are. It also allows our healthcare providers to see patients across the Panhandle. It's TeleMedicine for the Texas Panhandle. 

Your local provider will be able to prescribe any needed medication and address the majority of your urgent care needs.

We are able to treat a wide variety of common ailments through TELEMEDICINE, but some things, like deep lacerations or broken bones, will still require an in-person visit. 

Who needs Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a great option for patients who don’t have time to come into the clinic because of travel, work, or children. It’s also great for patients who require care outside of clinic hours. These visits are virtual face-to-face visits with care providers patients know and trust right here are CareXpress! We are happy to provide care to Amarillo and Canyon patients, as well as patients in the surrounding Panhandle area! Instead of driving hours to the nearest clinic, you can visit with a healthcare professional from the comfort of your home. Patients who can’t afford to miss another day of work and simply need a prescription or a short visit about their condition can get a virtual visit right at their office. Telemedicine is also great for patients who want to skip the waiting room or avoid spreading a contagious virus.

What can Telemedicine treat?

Telemedicine can be used for a wide variety of health services. Here’s a short list of common conditions our primary care doctors may treat via telemedicine: Allergies Arthritic Pain Asthma Bronchitis Colds and Flu Diarrhea Infections Insect Bites Pharyngitis Conjunctivitis Rashes Respiratory Infections Sinusitis Skin Inflammations Cellulitis Sore Throats Sprains & Strains Bladder Infections UTIs Sports Injuries Vomiting For conditions that require x-rays, testing, or a physical examination, an in-person appointment may be required at the request of the physician.

How does Telemedicine work?

Using telemedicine with CareXpress is easy! Simply visit, and check in for a CareXpress Anywhere appointment. You will receive a text message with a link to check in and see your provider.