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Using CareXpress Anywhere For a Virtual Visit

The last thing anyone wants to do when they’re sick is leave the house. It puts others at risk of getting sick and also can be painful or even dangerous for a sick person to try to drive themselves to the doctors’ office or the nearest urgent care. Or what if someone needs childcare to watch the kids at home while they take a sick child to the doctor’s? There is an endless list of situations where a visit to the doctor’s office or urgent care is inconvenient or difficult. That’s why BSA CareXpress Urgent Care has CareXpress Anywhere.

CareXpress Anywhere is a telehealth service available 24/7 with virtual access anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer. Skip the crowded waiting room and check in online, no appointment needed! You can get face-to-face virtual care whenever and wherever you need it.

Care You Can Get From CareXpress Anywhere:

  • Lab test/ X-ray results

  • Mental health services: therapy, counseling, and medication management

  • Urgent care issues: cold, cough, and stomach aches etc…

  • Prescription management

  • Remote monitoring services: health goals, chronic conditions etc…

  • General questions for doctor

What You May Need to Send to Medical Professional:

  • Weight

  • Blood pressure/ blood sugar

  • Vital information

  • Images of wound, eye or skin condition

  • List of symptoms

  • Medical records

The Benefits of a Virtual Visit:

  • Limit physical contact = reduce exposure

  • Health care from wherever

  • Cut down on travel, time off work, and child-care

  • Shorten wait for medical care

CareXpress Anywhere offers safe and convenient virtual care from home, the office or even your car from a licensed CareXpress provider. Life is full of complications and unexpected turns, don’t let that get in the way of you getting the medical care you need. Set up your virtual appointment now and let our team take good care of you!


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