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5 Tips For Sinus Headaches And More

woman with sinus headache
Sinus Headache Tips

As temperatures change, it’s quite common for different allergens to cause sinus pain in many people. There are different types of sinus pain which can include anything from throbbing headaches to pressure around the eyes, nose, and cheeks. When things get really painful, it could be a case of sinusitis, which is sometimes referred to as a sinus infection. This pain can be the result of bacteria in the mucus causing inflammation.

So, what can you do? Here are some tips to help you fight against sinus pain.

Avoid smoking/smoke: Try to avoid going around people who smoke. If you are a smoker, it might be a good time to consider quitting. Cigarette smoke irritates the sinus passages, causing them to swell and restrict the flow of mucus.

Use a humidifier: Regulating the moisture in the air in your home can help cut back on sinus irritation from dry air. The level of humidity should be 30-60%.

Inhale steam: Taking a warm bath, shower, or hovering over a bowl of warm water with a towel over your head can unclog sinuses and decrease pain temporarily. Try putting some Eucalyptus oil in the water to breathe in.

Eat properly: It’s important to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet. Try warm foods and don’t be afraid to add a little spice, like cayenne pepper, to open up the nasal passages.

Get rest: Sleeping is important in general, but even more so when the body is off balance. When sinuses act up, it’s tough but important to get a good night’s sleep to ensure the immune system is able to fight off germs that cause infections.

These are just a few simple rules to follow that may help you find some relief from sinus pain and infections. If you experience an episode of sinusitis and need relief, you can visit any one of BSA CareXpress Urgent Care's five locations.


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