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BSA CareXpress Urgent Care Explains Available Allergy Treatments

allergy season in amarillo
Allergy Season Ahead

October is a hard month for allergy sufferers in the Panhandle, but BSA CareXpress Urgent Care is here to help! If you’ve ever suffered from seasonal allergies, you know the misery that comes with watery eyes and constant sneezing. You should know the treatments available to you so that you can choose what works best for you.

There are different types of medications that treat different allergy symptoms:

Antihistamines - Allergy symptoms are caused when your immune system starts to react to things it perceives as dangerous to you. When you take an antihistamine, it lessens the effect of the allergen that’s causing the reaction.

Decongestants - As your body starts to fight, it’s common to feel nasal congestion. A decongestant can help you be able to breathe clearly again.

Nasal Sprays - Nasal sprays can add needed moisture to your nasal passages, cleaning out the allergens that have entered your body. Use nasal sprays with caution. While some are made of saline solution and simply wash out the cavity and add some moisture, some have ingredients that can be addictive and have adverse effects if they are used too often.

Steroids - In more extreme reactions, steroids may be prescribed to help relieve symptoms from bad allergy symptoms.

Allergy shots - Some people who have severe or frequent struggles with allergies can benefit from allergy shots. An allergy test is performed by a physician so that the specific allergens are identified. Then a custom, therapeutic dosage schedule is given to the patient over a period of time. Over time, the patient’s reaction to the specific allergens should greatly diminish.

We’re here to assist you if you’re having a hard time with seasonal allergies. After an assessment and brief history, we can help you decide which treatment would suit you best!


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