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CareXpress Expands Virtual Visits to Help Underserved Areas of Texas Panhandle

CareXpress Anywhere, a virtual medical clinic developed by CareXpress Urgent Care, the area’s largest urgent care provider, is expanding its reach to help provide underserved areas in the Texas Panhandle with high-quality medical care.

“We launched our virtual clinic during the pandemic and have spent the past year ensuring that we’re offering the best patient experience possible,” CareXpress Chief Operating Officer Trevor Spradling said. “Now, we want to make sure those across the Panhandle know this option is available, especially those in some of the smaller communities in the area that have limited access to healthcare.”

CareXpress Anywhere allows patients to see local healthcare providers virtually. The visits are much like in-person visits and allow face-to-face interaction between the healthcare provider and patient.

“It’s amazing what all we can do through these virtual visits,” Spradling noted. “It allows our providers to actually see our patients and provide a very high level of care.”

Another benefit of using CareXpress Anywhere is the fact that the healthcare providers all live in our area.

“There’s nothing better than seeing a local provider when looking at virtual care options,” Spradling stressed. “These providers live here. They know what viruses are going around the area and can really provide a level of care that some nationwide operators can’t.”

A lot of urgent care issues can be addressed via a virtual visit, including treatment for common colds, flu, allergies, stomach issues, headaches, and even basic sprains.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of people taking advantage of our virtual, fact-to-face clinic,” Sean Green, FNP-C at CareXpress Canyon said. “Now, we just want to make sure all of our friends and neighbors across the Panhandle know that it's here and available to them.”

“There are some towns where you actually have to drive an hour or more to see a healthcare provider,” Spradling noted. “This is a game-changer and will help fill that void along with providing care after hours for patients who need it.”

CareXpress accepts most major insurances, including Medicare and Medicare Advantage, and offers affordable self-pay options that start at just $99. The CareXpress Anywhere virtual clinic can be accessed by visiting

“At the end of the day, our goal is to ensure all of our friends, family, and neighbors are taken care of and get the best medical care possible,” Green added.

CareXpress Urgent Care also has five physical locations across Amarillo and Canyon. If you prefer visiting one of our in-person locations, visit to see which of our locations is the most convenient for you.

CareXpress Telemedicine Virtual Medical Clinic
CareXpress Expands Virtual Care Options


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