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CareXpress Urgent Care Provides Tips For Avoiding Illness While On A Road Trip

staying health on road trip
Relaxing on a Road Trip

Getting sick while traveling can definitely put a damper on a road trip. Don’t let this happen to you and your family while you’re off enjoying an adventure together. Here are some tips that can keep you healthy:

Wash Hands

After using the restroom, handling money, or touching trash, washing your hands should be a top priority because germs very often contaminate your body when you touch them and then touch your nose or mouth. Washing your hands and avoiding unnecessarily touching your mouth, eyes, or face significantly cuts your chances of getting sick.

Create a Travel Health Kit

Putting together a travel health kit allows you to be prepared on every trip you take. Include your medicine that is prescribed by a doctor, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and other first-aid items. If you find yourself not feeling well while you’re on the road, these items will come in handy and alleviate minor symptoms.

Plan a Doctor’s Visit Before You Leave

If you have any health issues going on, a check-up before going on vacation might be a good idea. This can help you know the status of your health and if you are in good shape to travel. This is also a good chance to check shot records and make sure that everyone in the family is up-to-date on their immunizations.

Avoid Getting Bitten by Mosquitoes

Mosquitos are bothersome, but they can also carry diseases. Taking preventive measures when outdoors is the best way to avoid getting eaten alive by pesky mosquitoes or to avoid the risk of blood-borne illnesses that they carry. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants if you’re outside when mosquitoes are most active and use mosquito spray as needed.

Don’t Get Burned and Stay Hydrated

Putting on sunscreen should be the first thing you do before starting the day to avoid getting sunburned. And if you and your family will be in the heat or busy with activities, be sure to keep everyone hydrated. Dehydration can cause illness that can easily turn very serious. Make sure that everyone is drinking the recommended amounts of water before being exposed to heat and activity. And during the hottest, most active times, you’ll need even more to drink. 


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