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CareXpress Urgent Care Launches TeleMedicine Option

CareXpress Urgent Care is now offering virtual office visits via telemedicine. These visits will allow patients to see local healthcare providers via a secure, online video meeting.

“We want to make sure that our community has access to the care they need however they feel most comfortable,” Vice President of Operations, Trevor Spradling, said. The telemedicine service will allow CareXpress Urgent Care to serve patients not only in Amarillo, but in many of the rural communities across the Texas Panhandle where there is a growing need for healthcare access.

“We want to stress that these are in-depth, healthcare visits with board-certified providers,” Spradling explained. “They will allow us to provide the same level of care that our patients receive when they visit any of our physical locations.” It’s important to note that providers might not be able to meet all of the needs of a patient virtually and that there will be times the provider will need to interface with a patient in a more traditional visit.

Patients who would like to visit CareXpress virtually can simply visit our homepage and select the TeleMedicine Virtual Clinic. They will then be put into a meeting with a healthcare provider.

“People will be able to see the providers they’re already familiar with,” Spradling added. “The providers will have access to the patient’s medical history, will be able to prescribe any needed medication, and address a number of health issues.”

“We are able to treat a wide variety of common ailments through these telemedicine visits,” Spradling continued, “but obviously some things, like deep lacerations or broken bones, will still require an in-person visit.”

Spradling also noted that all CareXpress locations have put procedures in place to ensure all of their patients are safe, should they prefer to come into any of the physical locations. These procedures include taking the temperature of all team members and patients when they arrive at the clinic and regular deep cleanings by an independent third party.

telemedicine in amarillo
CareXpress Launches TeleMedicine


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