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COVID-19 Update

We wanted to give our patients a quick update on COVID-19 in our area. 

This weekend Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson announced that she has been working with Governor Greg Abbott's office, who has been working with Vice President Pence regarding the outbreak of COVID-19 cases in area meatpacking plants. They are sending a surge strike force to Amarillo, which will bring much-needed resources to attack the outbreaks we are seeing in our community. Mayor Nelson also said that the federal government would be taking over testing and case investigation. We will see a significant increase in testing in the coming days, which will also bring an increase in the number of positive cases reported in our area.

We want our patients to know that we continue to take extra precautions to ensure all CareXpress locations are safe, clean, and that our healthcare teams have everything they need to provide the care our community needs. Among other things, this includes regular deep cleanings, upgrades to our air handling systems, and checking the temperature of everyone who visits one of our locations.

We also want to encourage you to seek medical attention if you need it. Untreated, minor medical conditions can turn into significant medical issues. 

If you'd prefer to see a healthcare provider from your home or office, we hope you'll try a virtual visit through our new TeleMedicine program. TeleMedicine allows you to receive an in-depth visit from one of the CareXpress providers that you already know and trust. 

Thank you for trusting CareXpress with your healthcare needs. We are always here for you and will always put your health first. Remember, you can check-in online and skip the waiting room at 


The CareXpress Team 

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COVID-19 Update


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