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How to Know You're Dehydrated

We are still experiencing some pretty intense summer heat, and it doesn't look like it is going to let up anytime soon! Here are some warning signs you need to keep in mind.

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Are You Dehydrated?

If you start to feel any of the following symptoms you may have mild to moderate dehydration:

· Thirst

· Dry mouth

· Fatigue

· Decreased urine

· Dry skin

· Headache

· Constipation

· Dizziness

If you start to feel any of the following symptoms you may have severe dehydration which requires medical attention:

· Extremely thirst

· Irritability

· Confusion or delirium

· Very fatigued

· Little to no urine (Or darker than normal urine)

· Sunken eyes

· Shriveled, dry skin

· Low blood pressure

· Rapid heartbeat

· Rapid breathing

· Fever

· Diarrhea

· Vomiting

· Excessive sweating

To prevent dehydration from occurring, our urgent care doctors would recommend drinking water every 20-30 minutes while participating in any outdoor activities. If you ever feel the symptoms of dehydration, as mentioned above, begin the process of rehydrating and cooling off immediately. Get out of the sun, and if possible, get into a cooler area. Begin slowly, but steadily sipping cool water.

Mild to moderate dehydration doesn’t require a trip to the urgent care if you can get it under control. However, if you’re within the dangerous levels of the severe dehydration zone, you should seek medical attention immediately at your nearest hospital. Dehydration is preventable, but it can quickly lead to very serious health conditions. Have fun, drink plenty of fluids, take breaks in the shade, and stay safe!

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