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Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Heart

All throughout this month of love, we’ve talked about the heart and how to keep it healthy. We’ve talked about what you should eat to keep your heart in great shape, but what about what you shouldn’t? Well, BSA CareXpress Urgent Care has some tips for that as well. It should be noted that you don’t have to cut out these foods entirely, you can still enjoy them on occasion but they shouldn’t make up the bulk of your diet.

Highly Processed meats: Processed meats refer to meats like deli meats, hot dogs, bacon, and other packaged easy to prepare meats. These meats are often loaded with sodium and nitrates. They can also hav a large number of preservative in them that can harm the heart. You should really try to limit yourself to 2 servings a week for these kinds of meats. Raw beef or frozen boneless, skinless chicken can be great meat alternatives. Just make sure the chicken has not been infused with sodium-rich broth.

Refined Grains: White bread and rice, low fiber and sugary cereals, sweets and other refined carbohydrates can also be bad for your heart and overall health. High levels of processing often removes much of the fiber, minerals, and fatty acids that make whole grain options healthier. These kinds of grains also cause a much higher spike in blood sugar than they’re whole grain counterparts. Good replacements are whole grain breads and brown rice. High fiber cereals can replace the sugary ones.

Sugary Sodas: Surprise! Soda is terrible for you and your heart! In addition to causing weight gain and rotting teeth, sodas and other sugary drinks affect your heart much the same way highly refined grains do. Diet sodas are ok, but they have no nutritional value. Water or other low calorie low sugar drinks like certain teas is really the best replacement.

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