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Receive Quicker Urgent Care With Online Check-in at CareXpress

Updated: Mar 26

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Online Check-In Equals Faster Visit

Your time is precious, and especially when you’re not feeling well, you don’t want to camp out in a waiting room for long periods of time. In most clinics or doctor’s offices you show up just to be told to wait, then get called back to wait some more.

Guess what? At CareXpress, we totally understand that you want to get in and out as quickly as possible!

That’s why CareXpress doesn’t just offer urgent care services; we also take it a step further and allow you to check-in online. This reserves you a spot in line before you’ve ever even arrived. What’s better is that our online system shows you, before you click the “check-in” button, exactly what the current wait time is for each urgent care location.

This gives patients more information when scheduling appointments and also shows which location currently has the lowest wait time. Of course, on extremely busy days, there may be a slight wait in the lobby, but in most cases our team is able to get patients in and out in way less than one hour. By utilizing the online check-in feature on our website, we’re often able to keep wait times to as low as 10 minutes or less! We’re thrilled to have received many positive reviews from our patients praising us for this wonderful feature.

If you find yourself sick or injured, our urgent care is here to serve you! CareXpress has multiple, convenient locations to accommodate patients in the Amarillo and Canyon areas. If you need to check-in to one of our locations, please follow this link to view our locations and hours of operation.


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