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Restful Sleep is Key to Good Health

women sleeping in bed
Sleeping Good

Sleep Deprivation can cause many serious, negative effects on our health. We get sick more easily, have more accidents, and can’t think clearly when we aren’t getting enough rest. Most people need 8-9 solid hours of rest per night, but many people have a hard time actually falling asleep in the first place. If you’re struggling with resting well, our doctors know the importance of sleep and want to offer a few tips to ensure you’re getting the sleep you need:

Tip #1: Stretch out

After a long day at work or taking care of the kids, your body may be stiff. Stretch out from your head down to your toes. Do a few, slow head rolls. Stretch your arms up over your head on both sides. Stretch out your legs and curl up your toes before stretching them all back out again. This repeated motion may help to diminish stress from your body and allow you to relax and get some sleep.

Tip #2 : Count breaths

Instead of counting invisible sheep, try slowly counting your breaths instead. To get your body ready for sleep, try breathing in for slow counts of 4-8 and breathing out again a similar number of breaths. The focus on the number of breaths can have a soothing effect.

Tip #3: Control temperature and light

Sleeping in a dark, cool, comfortable room allows you to fall asleep faster. Sleeping in comfortable, non-constricting pajamas surrounded by comfy pillows and blankets adds to the sleepy atmosphere. Make sure your environment is comfortable so that your body will receive the cues to relax and rest.

Tip #4: Noise control

Some people like total silence, but some have luck adding some white noise to the mix, such as a fan or a noise machine. If too much noise is a problem, try some soft ear plugs to drown out whatever it is that keeps you awake.

Tip #5: Routine

Establish a bedtime routine. Go to bed and get up at relatively the same time every day, and be sure to shut down screen time an hour before bed each night. A few minutes of reading or quiet time can be helpful. You can also use lavender oil or spray to set the scene for a good night’s rest.

BSA CareXpress Urgent Care is here if you need us. Call today and make an appointment if you’re still not able to get the sleep you need.


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