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Tips for Healthier Snacking

healthy snacks
Healthy Snacking

We’ve all been there when the 3 p.m. munch monster comes for a visit. There seems to be a debate in the world of health experts as to whether snacking can be good or bad. Through research, it seems moderation is the key.

Here are three tips from the team at BSA CareXpress Urgent Care for snacking healthier:

Don’t snack out of boredom: Avoid mindless snacking when you’re really not hungry. Snacking should only be used to keep us from getting too hungry between meals.

Choose healthy snacks: Fruits and vegetables are smart choices for snacks. Just remember that fighting hunger doesn’t need to mean overloading on unnecessary, empty calories.

Snack small: Eating smaller portions is wise because over-sized portions may leave you feeling too full to eat your next meal. If you eat portions that are bigger than what’s recommended, you could also gain weight because you are taking in too many calories.

These three snacking tips seem like common sense, right?

You’d be surprised just how many people have unhealthy snacks ready and available on a regular basis. Due to this, many Americans snack without even realizing how much they’ve eaten in one sitting as their minds are focused on other tasks simultaneously. Snacking out of habit or boredom rather than out of hunger often leads to weight gain or other health issues.

BSA CareXpress Urgent Care is here for you! If you need us, feel free to come into any one of our locations. No appointment is necessary, and you can even save time and check-in online!


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