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What Type of Care is Right for You?

Emergency rooms are ideal for handling emergencies, but for less severe cases that could be handled elsewhere a trip to the ER may come with long wait times and expensive bills. In response, there has been an explosion of convenient ER-alternative healthcare options offering on-demand care at a lower cost. 

When selecting an on-demand healthcare provider, consider these questions: 

How severe are your symptoms?  

For life-threatening injuries or very severe illness, the emergency room is the best option for immediate care. However, if your symptoms need to be treated quickly but are not life-threatening (e.g., a broken or sprained bone, flu or cold symptoms, minor cuts or burns), an urgent care clinic, like BSA CareXpress Urgent Care Centers, is typically the treatment option that will be the most efficient and least expensive. 

Where is the nearest on-demand healthcare option? 

BSA CareXpress Urgent Care Centers have five locations in Amarillo and Canyon for your convenience. 

Is the on-demand provider covered by your insurance? 

Freestanding emergency rooms (FSED) may look similar to urgent care centers, but have the same high costs and long wait times as standard ERs, causing patient confusion and higher cost of care. In fact, urgent care is typically thirteen times cheaper than a visit to a free-standing ER! Additionally, BSA CareXpress Urgent Care Centers accept a large range of insurance programs and your charges are the same as any primary care provider. A list of accepted insurance is available here. 

Contact us today, or stop by one of our locations to experience our quality care for yourself and see why our patients have such high praise for BSA CareXpress: 

“I’d already pre-registered so the receptionist already knew my name. PERK!! Everyone was courteous, friendly and professional.” ★★★★★ – Laura M. 

BSA CareXpress Urgent Care Centers are a service of FMC Medical Foundation. With the latest technology in electronic medical records and Board Certified practitioners, BSA CareXpress Urgent Care Centers offer your family the highest quality urgent care services in our region. As a member of the Family Medicine Centers network, your urgent care needs and medical records can be easily accessed by your primary care provider and you get the same level of compassionate care that all FMC clinics offer. 


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