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Why do people avoid the doctor? Part 1

Why do people avoid the doctor’s office? It could be because of a lack of confidence, financial reasons, not having the time, or a lack of urgency in their condition. While all of these can be justified reasons for not visiting the doctor, BSA CareXpress Urgent Care has a solution to each one.

Let’s start at the top.

Lack of Confidence: Each person has their own experience whenever they walk into a doctor’s office, and this shouldn’t be dismissed. Each person also has their own experience when they go to the movies, a restaurant, a theme park, or even a workplace, but you don’t see people dismiss these places quite as quickly as they do a doctor’s office. Lack of confidence can be rooted from childhood experiences to adult experiences and can stem from misdiagnosis, staff, wait time, or overall experience.

At CareXpress, our practitioners are Board Certified and we use all the latest technology and Electronic Medical Records. Our centers have extended hours, online check-in, and the best staff in the Panhandle. Don’t let a bad past experience with another doctor, doctor’s office, or other urgent care clinic keep you from visiting CareXpress. We treat each of our patients just like family.


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