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Why do people avoid the doctor? Part 2

Why do people avoid the doctor’s office? It could be because of a lack of confidence, financial reasons, not having the time, or lack of urgency in their condition. While all of these can be justified reasons for not visiting the doctor, BSA CareXpress Urgent Care has a solution to each one.

Let’s take a look at the financial side.

Financial Reasons: Insurance is not an easy game to play and it’s a huge reason why people avoid the doctor altogether. The hassle of fighting with insurance and not knowing if you’re covered is enough to throw your hands up and call it a day.

At CareXpress we accept most insurances, including Medicare! We are accepting new Medicare patients daily, and are happy to talk to insurance companies on your behalf. Your health is our main priority, which is also why we offer self-pay options. If your insurance doesn’t cover CareXpress, you can walk through our doors knowing you can still be treated with the same amount of care for a small fee. Call us at one of our five locations and ask about self-pay, or learn here.


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