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Why do people avoid the doctor? Part 4

Why do people avoid the doctor’s office? It could be because of a lack of confidence, financial reasons, not having the time, or lack of urgency in their condition. While all of these can be justified reasons for not visiting the doctor, BSA CareXpress Urgent Care has a solution to each one.

Hurry quick, let’s read on.

Lack of urgency: Many people think a pain reliever can be a cure-all, and while muscle aches and headaches can go away, a couple of pills won’t fix a broken finger or test for the flu.

At CareXpress, we provide a number of services, at a low rate, and in a short time. We offer treatments for sinus infections, colds and ear infections, minor burns, bug bites, and pink eye, just to name a few! We can also do annual physicals, well-woman exams, and immunizations. Oh, and don’t forget our on-site x-ray services!

At BSA CareXpress Urgent Care, we’ve done the research and know why people don’t like the doctor and we’ve done our absolute best to find a solution to every problem.

Visit us today at one of our five locations across Amarillo and Canyon.


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